If you were a forest fire you would be out pretty quick if three squadrons of Canadian built water bombers dropped a few hundred tons of water on you in a few minutes!

We suggest a Canadian solution to fighting forest fires that will save billions of dollars of assets, create thousands of good paying jobs  establish a strong export market and reduce the costs of insurance and rebuilding. We have an opportunity because Canada once made the world's best water bomber. We also have a choice. Check out this website and see for yourself! 


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When you think of bombers in the RCAF we remember our heroes in the No6 Bomb Group during WW2 and here is a crew in 428 "Ghost" squadron.  In 2017 we have a new enemy -the forest fires in Canada and this webpage suggests a different type of bomber for the RCAF one that drops water and puts out forest fires! 

HOW BAD IS IT? It is really  F*****G bad!

July 9th 2017 BC IS IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY WITH OVER 285 OUT OF CONTROL WILD FIRES AND OVER 7OOO ESCAPING FROM THE FIRE AND LEAVING THEIR HOMES. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed and this is developing into a multi billion dollar disaster. 

Every year in Canada, over two billion dollars of forestry reserves are destroyed by forest fires. The situation is getting worse with 2014/2015 being significantly worse than previous years and in 2016 we had an absolute disaster occurring with over 90,000 Canadians being evacuated from fires in Alberta and we are looking at over 10 billion dollars in damages. Some people blame it all on "climate change" but there is more to the story than that. We were unable to put the fires out because we didn't have the necessary resources to do it. We had exceptionally brave and skilled firefighters but they lacked the equipment necessary to put these fires out. So we cannot just blame "climate change" for the fires. 

One thing is clear today and that is whatever Canada is doing to manage it's forests and control fires is NOT WORKING. Our firefighters and first responders and administrative staff are all heroes and they have done their best.  But the fires are so big and so numerous now that more resources are required to fight them.

When you want a problem solved you really need a Prime Minister who can do the job. We sent our waterbomber airforce suggestion to this Prime Minister but he was busy doing other things...Justin is a likeable guy but he just has other interests!

This website offers one new idea . We have a population of over 36 million people and we must place more resources on fire fighting and prevention. So with that introduction lets consider a very novel yet very real way that we could solve this problem. 

Forest Fire -Fort McMurray, Alberta May 2016  90,000+ evacuations over 10 billion dollars in damages the largest evacuation in Canadian history.


The Best Water Bomber in the World -Made in Canada

Canada makes the best water bomber in the world -the  Bombardier 415 "SuperScooper". This aircraft is an improved version of the Canadair CL-215 from 1969. These aircraft were purpose built water bombers designed and built in Canada. Final assembly was in North Bay in Northern Ontario as this video shows.  We suggest that five squadrons of SuperScoopers be established in the RCAF and that they be available to fight fires early -knocking them down so that our firefighters can put them out. 

Here is a CL-215 Canadian built water bomber..in the Spanish AirForce!! We build them and don't have any in our Airforce! Yet.

And lets consider the math. In one hour a single super scooper near a source of water can actually drop 100,000 litres of water on a fire in runs of 6173+ litres each. That means a squadron of 15 aircraft could drop over 1,500,000 litres of water on a fire in one hour! This type of flying would require a level of control and expertise that only an air force can provide. We are not talking about one or two water bombers making occasional runs combined with various types of water tankers and different sized helicopters with bags of water.  We are talking about two or even more squadrons of 15 aircraft each making multiple coordinated runs in a short period of time.  That could knock down any fire before it grows to a size that makes it nearly impossible to put out! And that is why the Canadian Super Scooper is the best water bomber in the world!

The aircraft is called a "Super Scooper" because it can swoop down to a body of water either a lake or river and scoop up a full load of water in just 12 seconds. In Canada we have water all over the place and finding a location to scoop it up would not be difficult. 


6000 litres per drop, 100,000 litres per hour Made in Canada

We presented our idea to Canadian governments but none were interested. The Harper Government said it wasn't their responsibility and that I should approach the Provinces. The Province of BC, Saskatchewan and Ontario said (politely) they weren't interested because their existing systems were working well.  So here we are with an excellent idea that could save billions and create thousands of high paying jobs and nobody is interested? Or are people trying to protect the organizations they have established -turf wars and pretend that climate change is not occurring? Or am I wrong? So we are going public. Times have most certainly changed in 2014/2015/ and  2016 with more than ten times the number of fires to date. Welcome to our website!

And please look at this Youtube video on the Super Scooper. It will give you an idea of what I am talking about. Made in Canada! And made to a very high standard. This is a product made by fellow Canadians that we can all be proud of.

And here is an excellent website the Royal Aviation Museum where there is a very informative article on the Super Scooper in Manitoba. 

One of the problems with trying to introduce this idea is that the private for profit companies who supply aircraft to the government to fight fires consider fire fighting as one of their main sources of income. To them a fire from a financial viewpoint is a good thing because it produces huge amounts of revenue that pays their pilots and all their bills and generates a healthy profit. And the private companies work very hard in dangerous conditions to put out our fires. But you cannot put out large fires by flying over in a helicopter and dropping a bag of water on them!  There is nothing wrong with a profit in business and without profits you don't have a business, but my point is that firefighting is a public service not an area where profits should be the main objective. Because profits just get tacked onto the taxes that need to be paid. Do the Math!

Provinces have been trying to cut expenses and one area has been the Management of Canadian forests. When I was 17 I served as a Junior Forest Ranger in Oba in northern Ontario over a summer. There were hundreds of us serving all over Ontario in that program and we all learned a lot about our forests. But that was a long time ago and now Ontario has cancelled the program. Other provinces once trained firefighters so that they had a pool of them to fight fires but now they "save money" by not doing this. 

The more serious the fire situation -the more each Province will depend on help from other Provinces, the USA, Mexico and even Australia and New Zealand in the form of aircraft and experienced fire fighters. Our First Nations have volunteered hundreds of firefighters. In 2014  Chief Tammy Cook-Searson of the Lake la Ronge Indian Band asked for 250 volunteers and 750 first Nations volunteers came forward immediately! Clearly there is something wrong with the existing way we fight forest fires requiring resources from other countries to help us fight our fires. We are a country of 36 million people and we have the resources here. We just need to access them. And one of the the biggest resources in Canada's North are the First Nations who are excellent at fighting fires and they live in our forested areas and they know the local forests. 

In 2016 we had an interesting development with regards to assistance from other countries. Russia, Israel, Mexico and the USA all offered to help with fighting the Alberta fires. But our federal government politely turned down the offers and claimed that Canadians were able to handle the fires. To tell you the truth I am not sure why this decision was made. There may be very good reasons for it. I just don't have the information about the decision to make a make a statement about it. The initial damage reports from the media seemed to indicate massive damages had occurred but then as of May 9th reports came out that 90% of Fort McMurray had been saved. The latest reports appear to explain why external help from other countries was politely declined. 

This changing situation may not support the idea of a water bomber air force as strongly as the previously reported situation seemed to support. But lets consider what needs to be done when a forest fire starts.

Fires need to be put out as quickly and as efficiently as possible. If we don't put them out soon after they start they will only grow and get huge like the ones in Alberta in May 2016. This idea in this website will generate thousands of good paying jobs and will keep wealth in Canada and will save billions of dollars of forestry resources. This means opportunities for the private sector. So instead of a risk of losing their income private sector companies engaged in fire fighting could have new and even better opportunities. 

For decades the forest fire situation occurred in predictable cycles and management and our fire fighters and available equipment was capable of dealing with the problem. But climate change has appears to have resulted in new challenges and fires are now causing billions of dollars of damage.  There is real potential here but we need your help and the help of government leaders to implement the idea. If we don't we will have billions of dollars of losses, loss of life, injuries, destruction of homes and financial damage to communities and individual Canadians. 

Forest fires are scary. They destroy trees and homes and anything in their way. But Canadian built SuperScoopers can put them out in minutes. Imagine a squadron of RCAF SuperScoopers attacking this fire. We can do it!

Consider for a moment that the F-35 fighter jet that the previous government had committed to and the phrase "flying turkey" is being used to describe it. The F35 is unbelievably expensive. And not only that -the aircraft are all made in the USA by American workers and each one is going to cost approximately 1 billion+ dollars. All RCAF pilot training for this aircraft would be done in American bases. And the damn things are totally unsuitable for Canadian airspace because they only have one engine something nobody in their right mind would want to fly over the far north in the winter. We could buy two squadrons of Super Scoopers made in Canada by Canadian workers for the price on ONE F-35. So for the price of 2.5 F-35's we could have five squadrons of SuperScoopers consisting of 75 aircraft. And there would still be funds available to replace our aging CF-18 fleet.

And remember this. Canada wants to spend billions updating our fighter aircraft. Do you know when the last Canadian air force fighter plane fought another plane in the air?  It was 72 years ago! And how many forest fires do we have every year with NO Canadian air force water bombers available to help put them out? 

And remember, Canadian forest fires destroy over two billion dollars of lumber and structures EACH year and the fires are growing significantly due to climate change. So when you do the math and look at the savings in assets and the growth of wealth due to all those jobs in Canada and then consider the sales that would be generated abroad it all starts to make sense!  And clearly the problem must be solved from the federal level as individual provinces do not have the necessary funds to establish water bomber squadrons. Unfortunately, Forests are managed by the Provinces and there is the problem. Forest fires in Canada today are a bigger problem than individual Provinces can solve. What needs to happen is that we need a Prime Minister with a vision and a functioning brain to bring the Provinces together and work as a team on this project. Unfortunately our PM in 2017 has other interests.


Our PM is really good at taking selfies, appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone and marching in gay parades and giving a 10.5 million dollar payment to a convicted terrorist IED maker and opening our borders to illegal aliens. But putting out forest fires doesn't seem to interest him. He is well liked but sometimes when you are the boss you need to make tough decisions.  

Remember not only can the CL-415 SuperScooper put out fires it can also be used for search and rescue and sovereignty patrol missions. And not all the fires need to be forest fires. Even industrial and residential fires could be water bombed.  This has been done before with great success.

A 415 Super Scooper putting out a fire on a truck! How would you like to be a fire if two squadrons of Canadian waterbombers bombed the crap out of you! 

At 69 I have seen a lot. I know how things work. And I understand the reluctance of the federal or provincial governments to take on additional expenses in it's "Chart of Accounts." They are desperate to "save money" and "balance the budget" and get re-elected. But sometimes you need to invest money to protect your assets, to generate employment and wealth and protect your people and communities. And remember when you avoid an expense on your Chart of Accounts that expense usually gets transferred to somebody else's Chart of Accounts. In the present case we are seeing billions of dollars of lost income and assets because of these fires. 

And yes when other countries see five squadrons of water bombers in our RCAF they will want to purchase Canadian built water bombers too. Over 11 countries already have. And a larger production line would allow lower costs and lower prices would mean more sales. And when you step back from individual Provincial budgets and their chart of accounts and look at the net benefits of five squadrons of water bombers in our RCAF suddenly you see the benefits. Lower losses of Forest reserves, higher retained wealth in Canada, larger world sales, increased manufacturing, a better and more effective response to climate change challenges.  


Please check out our website and see if you can support the idea. Take a look at the Youtube video links page to see these aircraft in action. Once you see how these fantastic Canadian aircraft operate you will see what I mean! The more support there is - the better chances of it being implemented. It is the old story again -if we sit back and do nothing then nothing will happen! There is a huge opportunity here for Canada to excel in the protection of some of the largest and best forests in the world with a fantastic aircraft designed and made in Canada by Canadians.  Check out our vision of the future a story of how this could all happen. 


Forest fires are extremely dangerous and Canada has some of the bravest people in the country fighting them. But the climate has changed and the danger has multiplied and now is the time to consider alternatives to the present methods of fighting fires. We have an alternative. And it is based on the best water bomber in the world designed and built in Canada.


Oh and one more thing. (And I got this idea from my Son who has lots of adventure in his life.)  For too many of us those who work in office cubicles and boring jobs sitting at a desk all day there is little adventure and fun in our lives. But there are jobs with lots of adventure and being a pilot on a Super Scooper would certainly be one of them.  Please watch this video about how much fun one could have in a 415 Super Scooper (take it to full screen and crank up the volume!). And this is what happens when a Super Scooper puts out a fire near some Party Animals! So we could increase employment in Canada in good paying jobs, save billions of dollars of forestry resources, increase our export sales, save people and communities from fires and at the same time we could have fun and adventure doing it all while using a Canadian designed and manufactured product that is the best in the world! Not bad eh!



There are going to be people who think that the idea of five squadrons of Canadian built water bombers in the RCAF is a bad idea. That's fair. People think what they want to think. And some people think that any idea is a bad idea and we call them the Haters and the Trolls. And others think that the existing system is working fine. So here are some alternatives:


1. DO NOTHING   Continue on with the same fire fighting procedures and equipment that we have now. The Canadian water bomber production line will remain closed and no Canadian jobs or expertise will be supported in building the world's best waterbomber the 415 Super Scooper.  The design could be sold to China or Brazil or India. They would be able to produce the aircraft for a fraction of the Canadian cost say about 50% less thus more orders would be generated. There was a time when Canada actually produced aircraft like the war years and during the 1950s when we designed and produced the CF-100 all weather fighter interceptor. So we can do it -if we want to. And that means good jobs in Canada. If we want them...

2. ESTABLISH ONE TEST SQUADRON of Super Scoopers into the RCAF. 15 aircraft will be purchased for a test squadron that will be stationed in either BC or Alberta where most of the forest fires occur. It will take some time to start up the production line that was closed in 2015. It may take up to five years to build the aircraft and implement the idea. During those five years based on the Canadian decision to include this water bomber into the RCAF it should be possible to generate some more interest in the world for the super scooper so that more orders will come in. The cost to produce these aircraft would be approximately half a billion dollars. The cost would be high because the production line would be small. 

3. ESTABLISH TWO TEST SQUADRONS of Super Scoopers into the RCAF 30 Aircraft would be purchased for two test Squadrons one being stationed in BC or Alberta and one in Ontario or Quebec. Production would need to be ramped up to produce 30 aircraft in a reasonable time frame and that would have the effect of reducing the unit cost which would then result in more world orders. Production would need to be raised to one aircraft per month which would likely require 300 employees in the final assembly stage. The cost to produce these aircraft would be just under one billion dollars. But remember they could prevent over one billion dollars damage to our forests. 

4. ESTABLISH FOUR SQUADRONS of waterbombers in the RCAF. This would require 60 aircraft. In order to produce that many aircraft production would need to be raised to one per week. That would require approximately 1500 final assembly staff. The Unit price would likely be reduced by at least 40% which would generate more world orders. 12 additional aircraft could be placed in reserve status and be also available for world orders so the total number of aircraft required would be 72 which could be built for approximate two Billion dollars. Now we are getting serious and we will have very positive effects on reducing fires and increasing the number of good paying jobs in Canadian manufacturing. 

5. ESTABLISH FIVE SQUADRONS of waterbombers in the RCAF.  Now we are getting serious and doing what this website suggests. The unit price would be dramatically reduced to as low as 20 million or less per aircraft. Thousands of jobs would be created. World orders would grow because we would be able to produce the aircraft at a price that other countries could afford. Hundreds or even thousands of these aircraft could be used around the world to reduce the fires caused by climate change. Billions of dollars of resources would be saved. Canada would become a world center for training water bomber pilots. Our brave fire fighters on the ground would have the support needed to attack fires and put them out.  And everyone that participated in helping to implement the idea would be both proud and happy whenever they saw one of our Canadian water bombers putting out fires. 

These cost figures are estimates and are based on the fact that when more aircraft are produced the unit costs goes down as usually three shifts are involved thus reducing overhead costs and additional staff allow staff to focus on specific jobs rather than doing several.  Also some jobs can be automated to reduce construction time. The most expensive way of producing an aircraft is to make them with a small crew at the rate of two or three per year. 


Conair Aviation Ltd. has been in operation since 1969 and they are located in BC with a total of 76 aircraft.  In my opinion this was a successful example of an adaptation to the provincial and federal governments refusing to take responsibility for fighting fires and paying a private sector company to do it instead. Obviously, there is a tremendous amount of work and effort done by Conair. You can review the company with their fleet on this wikipedia page:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conair_Group

The question is can this company successfully fight the fires that are happening today because of climate change? And there are issues. They have only four CL215 Canadian built water bombers and nearly all of their other tanker aircraft are built in the USA many were used planes at the end of their useful commercial lifecycle and were obtained for low cost and converted to water tankers. One issue is the safety of the Canadian built water bomber as there apparently have been 30 accidents and 19 deaths to date. More details on that issue and the CL215 can be found here:


Clearly a decision to place the Canadian CL215/415 water bomber back into production and into five squadrons in the RCAF would require a careful and independent financial and performance analysis and the possible participation of Conair staff and other firefighters in the process.  This company has done the best they can with the resources they have available and it would be totally wrong not to work with them in any new system to deal with climate change forest fires in Canada.

The key would be to have an independent body performing the analysis and suggesting a solution that would work better than the present situation we have today. Unfortunately when money is involved everyone in the process is attempting to maximize their benefits and this is why an independent and knowledgeable body is required. 

To give you an example of what is being done in BC to gain government contracts here is a good link that shows how Conair received 78 million dollars of revenue from the Liberal Government which they gave $100,000 in donations to.



Final assembly of the Super Scooper waterbomber was in North Bay, Ontario by Vortex Aerospace until the production line was closed down in 2015. The best water bomber in the world is now not being produced. 



In June 2016 Bombardier got out of the water bomber business and sold all the rights and maintenance to existing 415 waterbombers to Viking Air Ltd. As a Publisher of one of the "best books ever published about business in Canada" Your Very First Billion I understand how business operates in Canada. To understand any financial transaction you need to "follow the money". And when we see a company like "Viking Air ltd" buying these rights the first question that you should ask is "who owns Viking Air? " So check it out. You will be surprised.

Viking Air is actually owned by Westerkirk Capital another Canadian privately owned company. And Westerkirk Capital is owned by the richest woman in Canada Sherry Bryden who is the niece of the late Ken Thomson. The Thomson family is one of the richest families in Canada and they own the Globe and Mail in addition to other companies. The Globe and Mail is also a strong supporter of the Liberal Party of Canada.  So when you follow the money you quickly learn what is really going on. When you follow the fake news in the media often you are tricked. 

This is actually very good news for the CL-415 water bomber as now we have a company who owns the aircraft and the rights to make replacement parts for the existing fleet and new aircraft. The main objective of this company is to increase revenue and they have consistently done this with other older aircraft certificates that they now own. Bombardier had a problem. They were in fiscal trouble and they lacked the resources to put this aircraft into efficient and cost effective production. Viking Air is a different story. They have the potential to place the CL-415 back into effective production. 

So while it is possible to say that the ownership of Viking Air is not important if you understand how business in Canada and other countries operates then you will see why the sale occurred, the purpose the owners have in mind and the chances of success. Bombardier the previous owner of the aircraft was very weak financially and required emergency loans from two levels of government to prevent imminent bankruptcy. They were unable to generate new orders or produce the aircraft at an affordable price and this is one reason a lack of orders caused them to shut down the production line in 2015. 

I predict that the next few years will see some very interesting developments in the sale of new CL-415 aircraft. My objective here is to suggest that inclusion into the RCAF would be a very good option for stopping forest fires in Canada, for increasing world sales of this Canadian built aircraft and for generating good paying Canadian manufacturing and training jobs. 


We all understand that money is important. It is used to pay wages and taxes and purchase products and pay expenses and even to buy food and beer and stuff like that. In the aircraft industry trillions of dollars are involved and there are many ways of making that money. Recently in Canada we saw the US government place a 220% tax on Canadian built Bombardier aircraft that had been sold to Delta Airlines. Is that fair?  

If you understand how business really works and we even published a book on that  YourVeryFirstBillion.com then you will also see why people cheat. And when it comes to fighting forest fires billions of dollars are spent. So what do you suppose happens? Some people cheat.  And sometimes cheating involves envelopes of money passed over to people making decisions or favors or donations to political parties or various forms of help IF they get what they want. You need to be aware of what is really going on. The media which in Canada is owned and controlled by only a few very rich people is supporting politicians which they depend on for help. 

In Canada today billions of dollars of investment is flowing in from China. When that much money comes in you really need to better understand where it is going and who is benefiting. Our media will not tell you and our government will not tell you. As a publisher we showed what was really happening in real estate in Canada in our book UnReal-Estate Canada. Have you ever wondered why it is our biggest single source of GDP? When we sit on trillions of dollars of natural resources?? 

So are there other reasons why the best water bomber in the world is not being purchased by the Canadian government and why billions of dollars of forest fire damages are occurring instead? Could it be that cheating is going on and that people are making big bucks cheating?  Hmmmm.

The Californian Fires

I get so upset when I see how horrible things happen when they could be stopped. The latest Forest Fires occurred in California and dozens of innocent people were killed. The USA is the best neighbor in the world. We love Americans. And they love us. We support each other.   But in the case of the recent forest fires there we have a solution. A water bomber airforce!  That could have prevented the loss of dozens of Americans.  We have the aircraft design the best water bomber in the world the Canadians CL-415 Super Scooper. There are also other aircraft that could help. The Russian monster Ilyushin IL-76, surplus American military aircraft and if ALL OF THEM worked together we could have put those Californian fires OUT before they killed anyone.

Times have changed. The climate has changed. We need to change too. And establishing a water bomber air force would solve a huge life taking multi billion dollar loss problem that we have today. I have done as much as I can over the last few years to try and implement this idea. The next step is yours.   


Thanks for visiting! And please pass this website to people you think might be interested! The more Canadians that see this idea the better the chances that it will be implemented. Here we have links to books on fighting Forest fires. 



HELP! We are providing this website to try and solve a problem in Canada and make things better. I am using resources from my Publishing company Battiston Publishing to support this site. If you would like to help we would certainly appreciate it. Even the equivalent funds for a cup of coffee (about $2) would help us and the more support we have the more we can do. This is not for personal gain as we have other websites for that purpose. This site is support for establishing Canadian built water bombers in the RCAF so that fires can be put out quickly and billions of dollars of resources can be saved.  Thanks for any help you can give!

To date the total donations received to help support and maintain this site is $0.00. I have paid all the costs to maintain it for the last 5 years.  Not that I am complaining just sharing the facts. We have had thousands of visitors. If we work together that will help to  promote the idea and possibly we will see a water bomber airforce in the RCAF and a huge reduction in the number of forest fires each year in Canada. If you can help or have ideas for the site please contact me at Ron Battiston.  

If you wish to purchase this website and pursue the idea yourself it is now available for $3500 cdn. Here is a purchase button. This includes the DNS name "WaterBomberAirForce.com" and all the content on the website. Please note that my other linked sites are separate businesses. This purchase will give you all the rights to the site and content. 

If I can help -just ask! Purchasing the site will allow you to take it to the next step and hopefully this will result in the manufacture of many more Canadian built water bombers that will put out thousands of forest fires!  If you are interested in purchasing the site or wish to make an offer please e-mail Ron Battiston  I have tried my best for five years to introduce this idea and gain support for it and thousands of people have viewed it and I think it is time for a new person to take it to the next level. I would be happy to help but I have several other websites (some of which are below) that require my time too! This is an opportunity to help solve some of the world's largest problems associated with climate change. generate thousands of good paying jobs, save billions of dollars and live a good life too! Oh -and have fun!

Cheers!  Ron


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