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YOUTUBE VIDEOS and Articles on the CL-415 Super Scooper

Here is an opportunity to see the Canadian super scooper in action. It really is an amazing aircraft and can be used for putting out forest fires or even other fires as the videos will show. 

415 Super Scooper - an excellent introduction to this aircraft showing what it can do and the pilot's perspective.

The Super Scooper Rockin the Burn. Fantastic video of a super scooper fighting a blaze. Includes some rock and roll too which seems appropriate given the job! After seeing this video I really wished I had got my pilot's license! 

The North Bay story where the 415 Super Scooper final assembly is.

415 Super Scooper -facts about how it is built and how it operates

Bombardier 415 Super Scooper video by the manufacturer. Capabilities and history.

Super Scooper flies over a beach giving you an idea of the thrilling effect is has on people on the ground.

The Croatian Air Force owns a super scooper here is a guided tour!

Ontario CL415 This is an excellent video that shows how the Super Scooper is designed and compares it to other aircraft. You will find the specs to be very interesting. This is a purpose built aircraft built to fight fires not a converted surplus aircraft long past it's best before date. 



Wild Fire News. Now here is an interesting article originally written in 1998 that gives you some insights into how our American cousins feel towards the Canadian built CL-415. Some of the information is dated however it is the attitudes that are interesting. Selling a Canadian built aircraft into an American market is very difficult as they prefer to purchase aircraft built in their own country by American workers. 

Oognak.ca Here is a website with excellent information on the CL-415 including information on specs and how to earn a pilot qualification. 

Fire Aviation  This website showcases the CL-415 and is a great source of up to date information. Excellent information.


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